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  • Western PA PCC Championship


    Yes an all Pistol Caliber Carbine match! Dave Dorisio & Ray Donch are teaming up to host the first all PCC  Championship match. The match will be hosted at Lawrence County Sportsmen’s the plan as of now, are tentative date of September 28/29 2019, for competitors. Staff will need to be available for the 27th if needed. […]

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  • Thank You For Your Service!


    Veterans Day is Nov. 11th so thank a veteran this week for their service! Thanks to all the veterans as well as the families of our veterans. To all that have come home as well as the guys and gals that did not make it home, and to the ones that struggle with their demands […]

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  • October Match Schedule


    Oct-06, Saturday Hollidaysburg    Oct-07, Sunday Gemcity USPSA     Pardoe USPSA     Pitcairn Monroeville    Oct-13, Saturday Lawrence County (LCSA) USPSA  Frightening 400 Match   Oct-14, Sunday Clairton        Oct-20, Saturday Lawrence Cou (LCSA)  Steel Challenge Oct-21, Sunday Castlewood      Steel Challenge Oct-27, Saturday Castlewood      Halloween Match Oct-28, Sunday East […]

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  • Sept Match Schedule


    Sep-01, Saturday Hollidaysburg  Lawrence County (LCSA)  DATE CHANGE ****** Pardoe USPSA DATE CHANGE  Sep-02, Sunday Gemcity USPSA Pitcairn Monroeville  Sep-09, Sunday Castlewood      Steel Challenge Sep-15, Sunday Lawrence County (LCSA)  Steel Challenge Sep-16, Sunday Clairton    Sep-22, Saturday Castlewood      Sep-23, Sunday East Huntingdon  Sept-30, Sunday Lawrence County (LCSA)   Classifier Match & Date Change!!

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  • Aug. Matches.

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    Aug-04, Saturday Hollidaysburg  Aug-05, Sunday Pardoe USPSA Gemcity USPSA Pitcairn Monroeville  Aug-11, Saturday Lawrence County (LCSA)  Aug-12, Sunday Castlewood      Steel Challenge Aug-18, Saturday Castlewood      Mutigun Week Lawrence County (LCSA)  Steel Challenge Aug-19, Sunday Clairton    Aug-26, Sunday East Huntingdon  Hollidaysburg  Classifier Match

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  • Western PA Sectional Winners!


    Winner for each class on section page. Or on Practiscore. Richard Alloway Section winner as well as Limited Division winner. (Rich came in 19th overall and 4th in Limited Div.) Jeffrey Fletcher Western Pa Production winner. (Jeff  came in 4th in Production Div.) Brian Miller Western PA PCC winner. (Brian came in 3rd in PCC […]

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  • Western Pa Section Championship


    NOTE:  Shooting starts at 8am Saturday and Sunday Saturday and Sunday Shooter meeting at 730am We have parking attendants to help you get park and will have transport up to the free air conditioned lunch. Registration starts: Friday 7am Saturday 6:30am Sunday 6:30 am You can walk the stages till 8pm. We have limited walk-on […]

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  • July Matches


    Jul-01, Sunday Pardoe USPSA Gemcity USPSA Pitcairn Monroeville  Jul-08, Sunday Castlewood      Steel Challenge Jul-14, Saturday LCSA NO MATCH WPA  SECTION  Match July 13, 14,&15 Clairton   WPA Section Championship Jul-21, Saturday Lawrence County (LCSA)  Steel Challenge Jul-22, Sunday East Huntingdon  Hollidaysburg  Classifier Match Jul-28, Saturday Castlewood     

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  • June Matches


    Saturday, June 2, 2018 Hollidaysburg  Sunday, June 3, 2018 Pardoe USPSA Gemcity USPSA Pitcairn Monroeville  Saturday, June 9, 2018 Lawrence County (LCSA) USPSA  Sunday, June 10, 2018 Castlewood      Steel Challenge Saturday, June 16, 2018 Lawrence County (LCSA) USPSA  Steel Challenge Sunday, June 17, 2018 Clairton    Saturday, June 23, 2018 Castlewood      Sunday, June […]

  • Special Match


     180 PIECES OF REACTIVE STEEL Click Here for printable form 11th Annual 2018 STEEL CITY CHAMPIONSHIP Pitcairn Monroeville Sportsmen’s Club Start spreading the news!  June 9 & 10!!!                                                              ½ day format: AM & PM both Saturday & Sunday. Signup for as many times as you wish!! 6 stages! 180 pc. Of reactive steel!! “Gumball Machine”  is back!! 30 – 15” gumballs […]